Staff & Volunteer Positions

To apply for any of these positions, please email Mercy Home of Ohio at or contact us here.

Staff House Parents

Paid live-in staff position.  Provides day to day disciple-making care to the residents of Mercy Home guiding, directing and encouraging them. Operates Mercy Home as a family environment (chores, meals, activities, etc.).

Shepherding Host

Host a woman in your home for a pre-determined amount of time, making her part of your family life, encouraging her as she completes phase 2 of her Mercy Home journey.


Care for the babies of the women at Mercy Home while they are at work or attending classes. 


Meet weekly with your assigned resident. Provide guidance and encouragement.


Meet as needed with residents providing support in academic pursuits.

Board Member

Actively work with a team to govern and guide the Mercy Home organization as a whole. Willing to be part of a working board.


Acting as a community connector for Mercy Home. Areas of responsibility may include: social media, public event representatives.


Maintenance and minor repairs of Mercy Home properties. 

Life Skills Teacher

Share a particular passion or knowledge you have (cooking, nutrition, crafting, writing/journaling, child care, frugal living, fitness, endless possibilities)


Transport Mercy Home residents to and from appointments, work or school.