Shepherding Program

You can't change the world as one person, but you can make a world of difference to one person.

Become a Mercy Home House Parent.


What is a House Parent? 

It is a husband and wife or single/widowed woman who, within their own home, takes on the responsibility of caring for a homeless pregnant woman who participates in the Mercy Home Maternity Shepherding Program.  Besides providing food and shelter, house parents agree to help the woman grow emotionally and spiritually.  A houseparent teaches/mentors and becomes involved in the woman’s life.  There is no financial reimbursement.


What are the Basic Qualifications for a House Parent?

  • Have a saving faith in Jesus Christ
  • ·Be an active member in a local church
  • Able to provide an expectant mother with meals and her own private bedroom within a safe environment
  • Willing to invest in her life emotionally and spiritually through relationship building, mentoring and modeling
  • Complete successfully all aspects of the application/interview/screening process


 How do I apply/get started?

  1. Pray.  Taking on such a responsibility should not be done lightly.  You are becoming responsible for a vulnerable woman’s basic practical needs but also investing in her life emotionally and spiritually.
  2. Understand the responsibilities of each party of the Shepherding Home.
  3. Complete the house parent application and interview process.
  4. Provide Mercy Home with a criminal background check for every person over 18 living in the home.
  5. Complete a training course/instruction plan.  


What is the time commitment?

 A pregnant woman can come any time during her pregnancy and she may stay up to 12 months after she gives birth. When a woman leaves the home, the house parents have the option to take another pregnant woman right away as needed, or may wait until a later time. If more than 24 months has lapsed between placements, background checks must be repeated.   It is vital that the house parents follow through on the commitment of the care of the pregnant woman once she is in the home.   

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